Far Cry 5 player have already bring PUBG into the game

Vân Anh Lê
  1. Far Cry 5 - the biggest FPS title of 2018, has just witnessed a series of new maps with PUBG Battle Royale style being put into the game world.

    Far Cry 5 rules the game world and is one of Ubisoft's most successful FPS titles for years. This is due to a huge world, enthusiastic gameplay and, above all, the beautiful graphics of Far Cry 5. However, there is another factor that will make Far Cry 5 even hotter... Well that's Arcade mode.


    What is Arcade? Arcade is, in fact, a free mode that allows gamers to create maps and experience their self-made screens. So when Far Cry 5 was released, it became a hot spot for the gaming community to develop their imagination. And one of the topics they talk about is PUBG.


    Well right now, Far Cry 5 has got PUBG Battle Royale map, bringing gamers into various battles of survival on the deserted island. Searching in Arcade section, you will see a lot of Battle Royale maps, each has its own map structure and geographical location performed in author's own style. This will create a great diversity of maps, making gamers always feeling excited.


    One of the well-known maps of Far Cry 5 is Island Battleground V2, which has a complicated structure and smaller area in comparison with others. This puts gamers in extremely intense gun fighting and creates fierce combat in Arcade section of the game.
    If you already have Far Cry 5, then what are you waiting for? Let jump into Arcade section and download one of those PUBG style maps for free of charge. GameHub will continue to update information about Far Cry 5 for readers in the shortest time.

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