Goku must be very proud of Battle between two best Dragon Ball FighterZ players

Vân Anh Lê
  1. Dragon Ball FighterZ has just witnessed the battle between two professional players, the battle has the most excellent combats of the fighting game community.

    Dragon Ball FighterZ is now the hottest fighting game when re-appearing the explosive battle in the world of Dragon Ball. Moreover, the game also brings players a very sophisticated combat system, so they can become the best warrior in the fighting game community. Now ... two of the "gods" of Dragon Ball FighterZ - two extremely famous names in the professional gaming community, who represent for East and West culture, has recently had the most exciting battle ever.


    One is Dominique McLean, nickname SonicFox, who has just displayed a combo with 167 hits and knocked down entire enemy team. The other is Goichi Kishida, nickname Go1 - the “God” of the anime-based fighting game. They met each other in Final Round 2018 with the condition that who has 10 wins first will be the successor. This event is held in the US and can be considered as the home of SonicFox while Go1 is familiar with fighting game such as Dragon Ball FighterZ. Therefore, each one has his advantage and this will be an extremely thrilling battle.


    And as expected, watching SonixFox and Go1 fighting, fans like to witness a fierce battle in Dragon Ball. The two sides constantly come close to each other, making the game into the absolute balance. However, as the tournament using 10 wins formula, fan has a term called "Downloading". Downloading occurs when one of them uses a long match to know about enemy’s tactics. After looking through them all, they almost "downloaded" the data needed to disable the "program" of the opponent. This is indeed that we see in a professional match of Dragon Ball FighterZ. And when this is like a Matrix movie and Japanese player Go1 becomes Neo.


    While playing Gohan in the main role and keeping Cell and Vegeta in support positions, Go1 pushed SonicFox directly to the ring with crazy combos. But the crushing blow came when Go1 began ki blast with Cell and used Vegeta to bring more damage before letting Gohan to perform Kame alongside Goten, pushes the combo up to 122 hits and completely eradicates the enemy. Although SonicFox has Android 16 left, he already knew this is the end.

    Readers can watch the full battle between SonicFox and Go1 right here:

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