Vote For Your National Team in Hearthstone Global Games And Earn a Free Card Pack

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  1. The Hearthstone Global Games are nearly upon us, and it’s now TIME TO VOTE for the players you’d like to represent your nation!

    In the HGG, eligible countries to participate in the tournament will have one national team made up of four players total, including an Anchor and three team members voted by the community.

    Viable candidates who are eligible to represent their nation have been narrowed down to the nine highest Hearthstone Competitive Point earners in each eligible country, with the top point earner per country locked in the Anchor position.


    By 12:00 a.m. PDT on June 13, players can vote for the remaining three competitors you wish to represent your country and receive one free Hearthstone The Witchwood card pack, which will be delivered at a later date.

    Head over to the official site to Vote Now!


    For more information about the structure, format used and schedule of Hearthstone Global Games (HGG), check out the official blog.​

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