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  1. Hacker vs Hacker - PUBG fan-made clip makes fans Surprised because of the author's crazy imagination.

    Hack/Cheat in the game is inherently a problem and it directly influences the fairness in the game as well as the player's experience. That is why many countries have begun to consider Hack / Cheat as an offense, which could lead to a prison sentence like any other offense. China and South Korea are the two leading countries in this field, typically with the mobilization of more than 200 police across the country to break the Hacker line up, which includes more than 100 members.


    However today we will not discuss about that problem. We will relax with a different perspective, a more satirical and humorous perspective than Hack / Cheat problem in the game. Well, the writer is talking about the latest product of NuclearProduction, a fan-made clip which gives PUBG gamers the sight of a fight between Hacker and ... Hacker.


    What will happen when the superheroes fight with each other? The answer will be in this very funny clip (and remember to watch till the end):

    Well, the answer is that no matter how sophisticated the hackers are, sooner or later they will be caught.

    For more interesting clips, readers can join PUBG and PUBG Mobile Vietnam community here:

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