All cards revealed for Hearthstone’s latest expansion – The Witchwood!

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  1. Earlier today, Sean “Day[9]” Plott and Hearthstone Game Director Ben Brode revealed many of the cards coming in The Witchwood, the latest Hearthstone expansion, due out this Friday (local time)!

    The new cards unveiled during the livestream included two Legendary cards: the Paladin Legendary minion, Prince Liam, and the nightmarish Shaman Legendary minion, Shudderwock.

    You can watch the VOD of the reveals on Twitch here. To check out the entire set of cards coming in The Witchwood, click here.


    Separately, don’t forget about the launch rewards players get just for logging in: a random Class Legendary card and three The Witchwood card packs.

    As always, for all assets for The Witchwood, please visit our press site.​

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