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Ocean Treasure will be the next NFT sale that DeFiHorse wants to give to all passionate racers. Are you ready to become the owner of Poseidon, one of the most powerful steeds in the Horseverse. In DeFiHorse, steeds are...​
With breath-taking graphics, appealing world-building, and addictive gameplay, Ookeenga is ready to create a uniquely immersive play-to-earn experience. Inspired by one of the most popular mobile game - Clash Royale,...​
The combination of Metaverse and Blockchain is attracting much attention from the community thanks to the boom of NFT in the crypto market. So many great NFT games have been launched and Gunstar Metaverse is one of them....​
This Airdrop is a great opportunity for Heroes of the Land players to own in-game NFT boxes without investment. Here are quick guides for participation: About the Airdrop 1. Time 2 PM...​
Football Battle or Soccer Battle (US) brings players a brand-new concept of sports game that combines tactical and action elements in a fascinating play-to-earn model. In this pixel-style world, players will...​
Just launched recently, AceStarter has become a launchpad for many potential projects. April is another exciting month with attractive IDOs and INOs set to release. Let’s find out with this monthly roundup!...​
Dark Land Survival is a potential NFT project that combines both Tower Defense and RPG elements. The game allows players to buy and own unique NFT characters with a variety of skills to build squads and participate in...​
2021 has seen a strong boom in crypto and blockchain, Play-to-Earn games thus became more popular and attracted a lot of attention from players and investors. However, the rapid development of blockchain also makes many...​
The blooming of Play-to-earn wave has brought gamers a lot of new products with opportunities to make attractive income. However, many of those games are creating “fictitious” values when only aiming at launching tokens...​
As you know, Crypto Golf Impact is a mobile P2E golf game that allows players to compete with others around the world in real time. Besides playing golf, players can also collect equipment, each comes with different...​
Play-to-Earn began to become widely known due to the explosion of blockchain technology. A lot of NFT projects launched in recent years have brought both opportunities and challenges for developers because gamers’...​
When it comes to next-generation launchpads, AceStarter is an unmissable name. Owning a unique model with a veteran and experienced team, AceStarter is expected to be a launchpad for world-class crypto projects. The...​
Dark Land Survival has confirmed that its IDO shall begin on 24th March. The project wants to give users a variety of choices to grab $BIG by launching IDO on 3 platforms: KrystalGO, MochiPad, LuaStarter....​
When it comes to the most potential NFT projects now, we cannot ignore The Parallel. With the aim of creating a balance between “Enjoy” and “Earn” instead of the popular “Play-to-Earn” model, The Parallel not only opens...​
2022 is an extremely promising year for the crypto space with the launch of countless potential projects and AceStarter is one of them. With its unique operating model called Hybrid Fairlaunch, AceStarter is drawing much...​