Conclusion - Be blind and silent with Silent Hill spiritual successor

Vân Anh Lê
  1. Conclusion will make you breathless and silent because of the crazy fear that Silent Hill has made many gamers obsessed with that over the years.


    That was the introduction of Concluse - the free horror game which has just been released on Steam recently. No modern graphics or 3D effects, Concluse wants to remind fans the ghost image of the horrible products that was massively popular on PS1 many years ago. The images such as the TV interference, black and white scenes or extra-ordinary events are just some greetings from Concluse for gamers.


    Throughout the game, players will have to collect a variety of different items, and then use them to solve puzzles or certain types of machines in the game. It is worth mentioning that during that period, Concluse did not show any bloody scene on the screen or make any jerky phase. Instead, the game brings a unique fear, which is like the monster slowly slips and then wraps around the player's throat. That monster is the gloomy atmosphere... which will lock you inside and you cannot escape.


    If you feel that you can overcome that fear, you should start the journey in Conclusion now... Readers can download Concluse free via Steam system on PC to find the answer for Michael here:

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