God of War still has a mystery that no one can find out

Vân Anh Lê
  1. God of War, after a period of release date, remains a hidden mystery that no player can discover ... The creator of this game has recently revealed this info.

    In the past few months, the gaming community has engulfed in the return of Kratos in a whole new adventure in Norse mythology. In addition to its great gameplay and engaging plot, God of War impresses players with intriguing mysteries in the game. One of the typical examples is the presence of Infinity Glove in Avengers Infinity War, which allows Kratos to perform a series of powerful attacks.


    However, God of War still has a secret that no one can find despite its popularity. According to Cory Barlog - Project Manager of God of War, Norse mythology still contains something that no player has discovered yet.


    The director is also quite surprised when the community has not discovered the mystery of the game:


    After this speech, God of War fans will probably begin a new hunt, search for each brick of Nordic world to find the mystery which has not been solved. Of course, besides the mystery, the biggest question remains in the game's plot, where fans wonder where Kratos and his son will go after the final scene.​

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