PUBG - Got 29 Kills, Shroud finished incredibly satisfying final round

Vân Anh Lê
  1. Twitch Rivals PUBG Invitational has officially closed, Shroud of course won Top 1... and these are the hottest moments of the final.

    As reported, Twitch Rivals PUBG Invitational is a tournament gathering the most popular streamers of PUBG community and it witnesses the presence of countless celebrities such as Shroud, DrDisRepect, MrGrimmmz or Choco Taco. So Shroud will face the biggest challenge ever when fighting with the players in the same level with him.


    Contrary to speculation, Shroud's team, including Choco Taco, Chadd and Just9n, has won with surprising results. It is all thanks to Shroud's talent with his extra-ordinary skills.


    The final of Twitch Rivals PUBG Invitational accurately showed Shroud’s skill when he led his team to Top 1 in War Mode with 29 Kills. Although initially his team received AWM (which is considered as a disadvantage when War Mode requires close-range guns, multiple ammunition and easy to handle), Shroud soon proved his ability to win consecutive Kill. You can see the full final from Shroud's view right here:

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