PUBG Mobile Global 0.7 Beta adds SLR and a series of new accessories

Vân Anh Lê
  1. PUBG Mobile Global version has officially put Update 0.7 on test, which gives players the first sight of new guns and a range of unique accessories.

    While PUBG Mobile Chinese version has released Sanhok Map, Tencent also cares about Global version with the test of Update 0.7. Early this morning, PUBG Mobile Global has officially put Update 0.7 on test, and offers a range of new features and unique weapons that mobile gamers have been waiting for.


    Specifically, PUBG Mobile 0.7 will introduce gamers in the world SLR - a type of DMR-class weapon with good damage and high-speed bullets. As reported earlier, in both PC and Mobile China, SLR is extremely effective in destroying moving targets as the bullet takes only a very short time to reach the enemy. As mentioned before, SLR is in DMR-class... it means that SLR works like Mini 14 or SKS. However, it is absolutely sure that professional player it can also use it like a real AR.​


    In addition, this update also adds a number of new accessories, including Scope 3X and 6X, besides three new Grips: Light Grip, Thumb Grip and Half Grip. There are also some changes of Vertical Grip and Angled Grip. With the addition of guns and accessories like this, it is sure that PUBG Mobile 0.7 will be warmly welcomed by the international gaming community.


    Now, GameHub also has the download link of PUBG Mobile 0.7 Beta, but we’re not sure about the safety of the installation file, so we cannot share it with readers. GameHub will soon update the information in the shortest time. Stay stunned for the best experience!

    All information related to PUBG and PUBG Mobile GameHub will update readers as soon as possible. Readers can also join PUBG / PUBG Mobile community to get the latest news when Update 0.7 is officially released:

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