PUBG – Saving teammate player attacked enemy with bare hands

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  1. PUBG has just witnessed a beautiful image that makes all gamers jealous. That is the like-a-god way in which anonymous gamer tries to save his teammate.

    Anybody... from medium to professional one ... will know what the rarest thing in PUBG is. Yeah, that's a good teammate. It is the person who does not accidentally kill all team or flip around in the air, does not grab loot or beg for items... or above all is willing to rescue teammates immediately when they are in danger. It is extremely difficult to find that ideal teammate. No, perhaps it is not difficult. To be exact, that person does not exist in virtual worlds, let alone PUBG.

    But today we might be wrong, because there is a player who have enough lucky to have a great friend standing next to him, willing to throw everything away in order to save him from death.


    The story begins with a clip on the Internet, capturing a Replay video of a PUBG match. The clip shows that a player fights directly with the enemy but soon is knocked down. Lying on the ground, the player directs his camera towards his teammates to ask for help.

    And as an incarnation of Flash, that unidentified teammate suddenly dashes out of the house, runs toward the enemy who is approaching to finish off his friend. It is worth mentioning that he has no weapons at that time. But that could not stop him from running towards the enemy, jumping up and landing a straight punch on the head of the enemy. After seeing the enemy fall down, he immediately turns back, jumps over obstacles and rescues his friend.

    After all... we wonder... Who he is ... A man or One Punch Man?

    For readers who search for the song in the clip. That is “The Ordinary Road” – the theme song of The Continent.

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