PUBG – Shroud teaming up with Hacker, raising controversy in the community

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  1. Shroud - one of the most popular players in PUBG has caused a lot of controversy when playing with Hacker.

    For PUBG fans, Michael Grzesiek or known as "Shroud"... is quite popular. With the skill of a former CSGO professional gamer, Shroud has impressed others with his professional skills and great reflex. That's why this 1994-born player is now considered as the face of PUBG with 3 million followers on Twitch.

    But nothing special would happen if Shroud didn’t play PUBG with... a hacker. During his Livestream, Shroud and Wadu accidentally met a hacker in the game and no one knows why this couple has decided to play with him.


    But instead of trying to kill this Hacker, Shroud decided to "cooperate" with him... Immediately after Team Up with Shroud, the Hacker used his Cheat tool to move a car into the house, before helping Shroud and Wadu fly straight into the safe area on a flying car. Then, he himself talks with Shroud that there’s another player hiding in the house, so Shroud can easily kill that player.

    In fact, this hacker himself admitted that "Actually I sell Hack/Cheat tools to make money." This means that he not only uses Hack/Cheat in the game, but also is a trafficker and distributor of Hack/Cheat. This action is abandoned in countries like China or Korea, and has led to countless arrests and prison sentences in recent months.


    Immediately after the Livestream, much controversy surrounding Shroud's action has arisen in the PUBG community. Some say that with his position in PUBG community, Shroud’s action is absolutely unacceptable because he apparently accidentally advocates Hack/Cheat in the game. Hack/Cheat problem is becoming an obsession in PUBG, so the action like this seems to add more fuel to the fire and will make many young fans think that Hack/Cheat is alright. Shroud's former colleague, Dr DisRespect, was once banned because of Team Kill. The case of Shroud is obviously much more serious.


    However, others have different opinions. According to them, because Bluehole has no improvement in the fight against Hack/Cheat, so this action of Shroud - who is a partner of Bluehole, can completely cause Korean developer to pay more attention to this problem. They argue that Shroud simply wants to reflect a situation that there’re many hackers out there while Hack/ heat systems cannot lock up infringing accounts in time. According some gamers’ comments Shroud has been killed by this Hacker several times, and after he reported, the anti-hack system couldn’t handle it. So this action seems to lead his report directly to Bluehole.

    Anyway, Shroud is wrong with his action. After this time, many people hope that such a famous name will not repeat the action... and Bluehole developers themselves or PUBG Corp also have to improve the Anti-Hack/Cheat system.

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