After PUBG, Tencent continues to seize the right to release Fortnite at its home

Vân Anh Lê
  1. Tencent demonstrates its strength at its home market when seizing the right to release Fortnite after PUBG.

    As we all know, because of the Chinese government’s rules around PUBG, this game must be altered and released by Tencent in this country. Not only that, Tencent also completely takes charge of the development of PUBG Mobile and recently this really makes a big hit in the mobile market.


    But Tencent’s expansion target does not stop there. This giant wants to entirely dominate Battle Royale game in this country. To affirm its ambition, Tencent has officially announced the right to release PUBG's rival... It's Fortnite.


    In fact, it is not surprising for those who constantly follow the activities of Epic Games. Tencent holds the majority of shares of developers behind Unreal Engine, Unreal Tournament and Gears of War. That’s why Epic Games products are absolutely under Tencent's control, like Riot Games and League of Legends.


    There is still no official release date for Fortnite Chinese version, but Tencent says there will be plenty of gifts for those who sign up early and invite their friends to join the game. Moreover the players who switch from International server to Chinese server will receive a free Skin.

    So with this deal, Tencent officially dominates the Battle Royale game market when having the right to launch PUBG, H1Z1 and Fortnite. All relevant information will be updated to readers as soon as possible.​

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