Armored Warfare: Assault - Tank Game Officially Launches Mobile Edition

Vân Anh Lê
  1. Armored Warfare: Assault - PC tank game is officially available on Android and iOS.

    Tank Game on Mobile is always hot as there are countless products for gamers to choose. With beautiful graphics, fast control mechanism and real-time combat system, these games soon attracts a large number of mobile gamers. And now a completely new rookie joins that team, a game with modern warfare setting and vivid graphics platform of Unreal Engine 4.


    Well we're talking about Armored Warfare: Assault - Mobile version of MMO Armored Warfare which is already famous on PC. Officially available on Android and iOS, Armored Warfare: Assault is ready for you to free download now.

    Trailer game Armored Warfare: Assault.

    Armored Warfare: Assault focuses on high speed PvP and follows many different modes. The player can immediately return to the battlefield after being shot down, completely eliminate the inhibition when accidentally making a mistake. In addition, Armored Warfare: Assault also has two PvP modes, 3v3 and 8v8, allowing players to choose their own fighting style.


    Armored Warfare: Assault also has 60 different Tank types with its design based on real life models. The 60 monsters can be upgraded in various categories, depending on Combat Class. The tank system of game will be classified into four categories: Heavy Tank, Assault Vehicle, Sniper and Scout.


    If you want to place your hands on this 60 different modern Tank types, don’t hesitate to free download Armored Warfare: Assault on Android and iOS here:



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