Calo Indoor: Attractive Burn-to-Earn Project from Calo Metaverse

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  1. Calo Indoor encourages users to be active in sports through AR technology combined with GameFi.

    Calo Indoor is one of the new quantum realms that belong to the Calo Metaverse Ecosystem, a virtual reality sport project built on Blockchain technology. With a newly Burn-to-Earn concept, CALO app users will receive tokens by burning calories while exercising. The more challenges completed, the more NFTs and tokens users can get.

    Having the same concept with Calo Outdoor (Calo Run), in Calo Indoor, players also need a pair of NFT Sneakers to start playing.

    About the Calo Indoor Ecosystem

    Simply put, Calo Indoor is a burn-to-earn game that can be played indoors with unique gameplay and an extremely engaging back story.

    Specifically, you will play as one of the three main characters who accidentally spiraled into an unfamiliar world. Each character will be designed with different gameplay and challenges, as well as require a different type of NFT Sneaker to start playing.

    I – Gameplay

    1. Reflex game

    First, players need to own at least one Slipper to play.

    In the game, players need to use their hands to reach the circles which can be seen on your phone screen. Players need to control their speed and accuracy to reach the TouchPoint Actives in order; by the time doing so, players will get different points depending on the level.


    2. Fit the shape

    Players need to own Pumper Sneaker to participate.

    There are some squares and rectangles that appear randomly on the screen. Players must use their whole body to move (including jumping up and down on the floor) and make themselves fit accurately in those shapes.


    3. Jumping battle

    Players need to own own the Clever Sneaker as a condition to activate the game.

    In the middle of the phone screen will appear 4 columns containing some squares. Players need to jump on the squares at the bottom of the columns. Each jump will appear in 2 squares in 2 columns according to a specific rule. Players will have to jump as many squares as possible within 60 seconds.


    II – Game mode

    Calo Indoor has 3 main game modes: Single Mode, Challenge Mode and Tournament Mode: ​

    • Single Mode is a single-player mode where players will play alone to earn tokens. Note that in this mode, sometimes players will get Gacha Box, a lucky box filled with Stone 1-3 (used to upgrade or unlock NFT collabs with brands). Gacha Box can only be opened for a short time right after you got it.​

    • Challenge Mode is a 1:1 battle mode where players play against Botsor friends. Those who lose will pay for the winner. ​

    • Tournament Mode is a competitive mode that will be updated soon with many attractive rewards.​

    III – Tokenomic

    Calo Indoor has 2 types of tokens, IFIT and CALO.

    1. IFIT – Game Token

    IFIT tokens are unlimited and can be obtained through participating in game modes such as Single Mode, Challenge Mode and Tournament.

    IFIT tokens are burned (destroyed) by: ​

    • Shoe-minting ​

    • Repair ​

    • Leveling up Sneakers ​

    • Stone upgrade ​

    • Unlocking Spaces (place upgrade stones to increase Sneaker stats)​

    2. CALO – Governance Token

    Calo Token is minted at the Token Generation Event (TGE) with a total number of 500,000,000 minted Tokens. A total of 48% Calo Tokens will be delivered to users through Burn To Earn.

    IV – Sneaker

    Sneakers in Calo Indoor are NFT shoes required to participate in the games. Each pair of sneakers will have their own stats, including Performance, Luck, Speed and Recovery:​

    • The higher the “Performance”, the more IFIT will be given when participating in Single Mode.​

    • “Luck” affects the quantity and quality of Gacha Boxes.​

    • “Speed” affects the amount of CALO you can receive.​

    • “Recovery” affects the sneaker’s durability in Single Mode and points gained in Challenge Mode.​

    There are 4 types of Sneakers: Slipper, Pumper, Clever and a special Sneaker that can be used to participate in all game modes (updated soon).


    Sneakers are divided into 5 rarity levels: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. The rarer the Sneaker, the higher its stats.

    Players can also “breed” 2 Sneakers they own to create new Sneakers in the Mint tab. The price for each breeding is IFIT and CALO. Each pair of Vintage (parent) Sneakers can Mint 7 times, the more Mint time, the higher IFIT/CALO it will cost.

    V – Marketplace

    Marketplace is where users can rent/lease or sell/buy NFT Sneakers, Medals, and Stones. The filter and sort functions are available to maximize users’ experience. In particular, rent/lease is a developing feature for new users easily access the game without spending an expensive amount to buy a pair of Sneakers for themselves.

    VI – Development team

    Calo Indoor’s development team gathers all dynamic young members who adapt quickly to technology and experience in the fitness & healthy lifestyle field. The team also collaborates with experienced blockchain professors, e-commerce associates, gaming studios, and financial experts.



    Whitelist Event

    Calo Indoor is conducting an INO WHITELIST event with countless attractive rewards for participants.

    Register now: LINK.


    • Whitelist Registration: September 5 to September 20​

    • INO: 9/21​


    Learn more about the project HERE.

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