Co-op VR Roguelike IRONSTRIKE Now Available on Quest 3

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  1. IRONSTRIKE, the co-op VR fantasy roguelike with immersive weapon handling from Ironlights developer E McNeill, brings first-person adventures full of sword-swinging and spell-slinging to Meta Quest 3 today.

    Swirling with magic and electrified with energy, enter the world of IRONSTRIKE alone or with a team of up to four adventurers ready for battle. Select from one of three starting classes and begin a run, face off against advancing foes, and unlock new skills to create highly customizable builds before progressing to new regions and challenges.


    Master martial combat as the fighter, whose precision blocks and powerful strikes keep party members safe, reign arrows down on enemies as a deft ranger, or manipulate the elements as a mage to grant allies boons and damage foes. Level up by choosing from over 40 different skills, like the enemy-tracking Seeking Shot or the deadly Coup De Grace that fells foes below a certain HP threshold, to construct an unstoppable hero.

    IRONSTRIKE elevates fantasy VR combat with a momentum-preserving physics system that takes into account the speed of strikes and weight of each weapon. Unleash a flurry of attacks while wielding scimitars, deliver crushing blows with two-handed weapons, and feel the tension behind each nocked arrow in immersive combat encounters. Grow in skill with each run thanks to an intuitive gesture-based magic system where each spell must be drawn before casting.

    Work in harmony with co-op partners by filling different roles. Synergize a fighter’s defensive stand with powerful magic and ranged barrages to conquer difficult encounters across expansive fantasy environments. Progress through runs by experimenting with different skills, weapons, and abilities to create dynamic and expressive parties that capture the essence of classic role-playing experiences while working towards the ultimate victory.

    “Fans of role-playing who dream of being the hero of their own story can look no further than IRONSTRIKE to fulfill their deepest desires,” said E McNeill, lead developer. “We’ve worked hard to cultivate a world of mayhem and magic unlike any other, and look forward to seeing initiates become icons on the battlefield on Meta Quest 3 now!”

    IRONSTRIKE fights foes on Meta Quest 3 with Meta Quest 2 support now for $19.99 USD with English language support. For more information on IRONSTRIKE, please visit the official website, follow the game on Twitter, and join the community Discord.​

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