“Emotional Home Styling!” - mobile SNG Fantasy Farm official launch!

Nguyễn Nam
  1. 'Fantasy Farm’, which is a mobile SNG developed by Doorea Studio of MH Soft (CEO Dongki Lee) has launched on Google Play Store in 31st July, 2018.

    The main feature of ‘Fantasy Farm’ is making a unique space and mini rooms by farming, planting, breeding and adventuring the mysterious world, inside the mini room, there are juke boxes that plays user’s favorite musics, memorable photo albums, posting wall, and players can communicate each other with thses social factors.


    Also, players can collect and raise cute, have special abilities pets, place them at farm and tree to get ingredients more efficiently or send them to another areas to get some secret ingredients.

    Key features

    • A housing system designed with your own personality and sensibility!​

    • Place furniture in my own style, as I wish! Share your favorite music via jukebox! Share various memories through photo albums! A variety of systems to express your story to friends and all the users!​

    • A system where you create your own place, pride yourself, and compete with each other by creating your own deco items through the workshop!​

    • Pet acquisition can be obtained through Gacha, and the collection and growth of the unique pet is one of the key elements of the game!​

    • You no longer have to click on everything to harvest the ingredients! Best helper to automatically harvest materials just by placing! Pet System!​

    • Collect and raise pets to get materials and produce various items. Material can be traded between users!​

    • Collect premium deco through Gacha!​


    Community System
    A community system where you can chat with your friends or invite them into your own space to share information.
    Even playing the game without friends, the game offers the system where people can connect with other users, play games, exchange gifts, and make emotion exchanges with each other.


    Besides on that, cute and emotional graphic, item trading with neighbors system, item delivery system that players can make special items and sell them to get gold and XP, fishing system to get some seafood ingredients, making room to make special decoretions and more special and unique systems are available in game, and it is expected to be updateded for the social system, Fam (Clan) system and new decorations and pets only for the ‘Fantasy Farm’.

    ‘Fantasy Farm’ is not available on Google play store in Canada, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam as a free-to-play game, and will be launch on the Apple app store soon. ‘Fantasy Farm’ is preparing a global service for the initiative overseas market strategy.​

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