Epic War Preview – One of the Most Promising FPS Play-To-Earn Games

Nguyễn Thu Trang
  1. Epic War has recently opened Testnet with first looks at the gameplay.

    The blooming of Play-to-earn wave has brought gamers a lot of new products with opportunities to make attractive income. However, many of those games are creating “fictitious” values when only aiming at launching tokens instead of focusing on real experience and enjoyment.


    Epic War is an exception. The game not only provides a clear and sustainable development roadmap but is also willing to listen to feedback and suggestions from the community. As one of the first players to experience Epic War Beta Test, we will give you a clearer overview of this promising game.

    About the gameplay in general, Epic War is a mixture of FPS and RPG, including 2 game modes PvE and PvP. Players will be immersed in vast and extremely challenging battlefields, with a scale not less than any world-class P2E titles.

    Through Beta Test, Epic War brings a fairly vivid and realistic shooting mechanism, allowing players to feel the recoil while firing. In the Test version, players can only experience PvE. Along with a large-scale map, the context of main character being surrounded by dozens of monsters very much resembles the cult-classic Serious Sam.


    In terms of graphics, Epic War follows a realistic style with well-designed characters and guns. However, the surface texture of the environment and monsters is quite simple, not commensurating with other elements. Besides, in-game settings can’t be customized intensively, even though the game still maintains a stable FPS at the high setting level. These downsides are understandable for a Beta Test and can be improved in the future.

    Video Gameplay

    About technical errors, surprisingly, the Test version only appears with some small bugs, such as the iron sight of guns deviating from the screen center while switching between weapons. In upcoming releases, bugs like this will definitely be fixed to bring players a more fulfilling experience.

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