Everything You Need to Know About the First Land Sale

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  1. Ready to build your glorious civilization!

    This document will answer some of the nitty-gritty details regarding Land metaverse and what to expect from the Land Sale.

    We’ve had a ton of amazing questions so far and believe this post should answer all the questions posed so far. We’re sure that more questions will pop up over time and will add the answers to those questions here.

    What are the differences in the Land Sale this phase?

    The Land sale will consist of four different phases. Only 200 available plots can be purchased in the first sale.

    Phase 1-2:
    Starts 1 PM June 26, 2022, UTC
    Ends 5 PM June 26, 2022, UTC

    100 Land Boxes are available for sale:​

    • Subs round: $100/ Land Box​

    • FCFS round: $125/ Land Box​

    Place: https://dapp.acestarter.finance/deals/ino/

    Phase 3-4:
    Starts 8 AM June 27, 2022, UTC
    Ends 8 AM June 29, 2022, UTC

    100 Land Boxes are available for sale:​

    • Private round (apply for NFT Hero holders & whitelists): $100/ Land Box​

    • Public round: $125/ Land Box​

    To join our Private Round, heads to our Google Form:

    Place: https://marketplace.heroesoftheland.com/box-sale

    What is the advantage of buying Land in this phase?

    • Prices of Lands will be at least 25% higher in the next round. And after 1,000 Land boxes sold out, we will raise the price to the next range which is $200/ Land Box.​

    • Testnet and special rewards of Testnet events will be limited for Land Owners & Hero Holders.​

    • The land design in this phase will be centrally focused so that will be easier to build a Kingdom with your alliances in the first place – your plots might be near to each other.​

    What can I do with my Land immediately?

    Open your Land Boxes then bring them to our Testnet.

    Start joining the Testnet on June 30, 2022 to explore their mastery, learn to run, and build your civilization while fighting to rank on the leaderboard – prepare for your real long run to the peak in the future!

    What does each Land contain?

    When players enter the game, there will be a number of given resources for helping Lords to build the constructions.
    Please see this infographic for details on what each Land can contain.

    - Four mines:

    - Main constructions:

    What are the rarities of the Land Boxes? What is the difference between them?


    Legendary Land will be closest to the center region, followed by Ultra Rare Land then Super Rare Land with special advantages:
    • The center is where tournaments, big events, and horse racing are held. Which brings much more rewards and the chance to combat with other players in huge events.​

    • Around the center also is a convenient traffic location, gamers can quickly move between 3 races’ territories.​

    Can I purchase multiple Land-boxes at the same time?

    Yes. Players can purchase up to 10 Land Boxes at the same time.

    Can I decide where to place my Land?

    Once a Land Box has been purchased our algorithm will decide where on the map the Land will be placed within the region associated with the Land.

    All Land purchased in this phase will be placed closer to each other than in any other phase.

    Also, land design in this phase might be random between Human and Orc territories. The Undead land will be released in the next round.


    What is the advantage of having Land plots connected to each other?

    There are various benefits of having connected Land plots:

    1. The Kingdom function in Heroes of the Land has space requirements. To upgrade your alliance to a whole new level will require multiple connected Land plots to build.
    2. Your Worker, Hero, and troops will travel faster on land that you own. That can help you protect your territories and your forces much better.
    3. Connected plots can be managed and viewed all at once.
    4. You can conquer NPC’s Land near you much easier with the defense of your territories surrounding this plot, claim it to NFT then sell it on marketplace too.

    What are the dimensions of each plot of Land?

    Each 3×3 parcel has 1 NFT Land on World Map, ensure that there are 8 NPC’s Lands around 1 NFT Land.

    How many Workers & Heroes can fit on one Land plot?

    Initially in level 1, 10 Workers and 3 Heroes can be assigned to 1 NFT Land. In the future, Land can be upgraded to hold more workforces by building & upgrading in the Main Hall.

    First look at the Land Demo now – Click the link!

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