Get Ready to Join Hottest Event of DeFiHorse: Ocean Treasure – Poseidon NFT Sale

Nguyễn Thu Trang
  1. Lots of benefits are waiting for you in the next NFT sale of DeFiHorse on May 18.

    Ocean Treasure will be the next NFT sale that DeFiHorse wants to give to all passionate racers. Are you ready to become the owner of Poseidon, one of the most powerful steeds in the Horseverse.

    In DeFiHorse, steeds are divided into 4 types based on bloodline: Chaos, Poseidon, Titan, and Heroic. Poseidon is the second-rarest bloodline, just after Chaos. While Chaos stepped throughout the distant Galaxy, Titan created the Earth, Heroic featured a strong body composed of God-like muscle, Poseidon was known as the God of the Sea who guarded the peace of the sea day and night.


    Each individual in the Poseidon breed has different characteristics and is dominant in a certain area. Some have the power of thunder, some control the ocean – 16 thoroughbreds of Poseidon were created to help The Corps rule the 5 big oceans. Poseidon can guarantee to be a treasure to whoever owns it from the appearance and strength to value.

    So don’t miss your chance to be one of the luckiest racers and earn profits by participating in the hottest sale this summer of DeFiHorse: Ocean Treasure – Poseidon NFT Sale:​

    Date: May 18th, 2022
    Time: 1 PM UTC

    What you can get:

    • Early NFT adopters at best price
    • Click to Earn attractive rewards with $RR – DeFiHorse’s utility token
    • Early ticket to access the $1 million championship
    Hey racers! Are you ready to conquer the underwater NFT fortune and become the God of the Sea?

    About DeFiHorse

    DeFiHorse is currently one of the most potential NFT games. The game impresses players with an engaging storyline, competitive Esports gameplay as well as an innovative play-to-earn model. In the DeFiHorse world, players will raise, take care of and breed hundreds of different horses to create the strongest, most powerful steeds. These companions will bring you victories in races and are also NFTs to trade in the marketplace.

    For more information on DeFiHorse and upcoming campaigns, check out:

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