Hitman 2 officially reveals - Agent 47 continues his action

Vân Anh Lê
  1. Hitman 2 - The sequel of Hitman series, has officially revealed its first trailer and brought back notorious Agent 47.

    In the gaming world, Hitman has been regarded as the legend with the icon of Agent 47. Codename 47, Silent Assassin or Blood Money are some examples for that influence. Now after the series is "re-started" with Hitman version in 2016, IO Interative continues to reveal the next hit – Hitman 2.


    Well... the next chapter of Agent 47’s journey has been revealed and allows players to keep track of the mysterious character "Shadow Client". Why he knew Agent 47, why he thought he knew Agent 47 most, why he went around the world to accomplish his life goal: to kill Agent 47. All will be answered in Hitman 2.

    Hitman 2 game trailer.

    Hitman 2 still brings gamers the typical gameplay style of this game. That is Agent 47 will be provided with certain assassination targets in an extremely large and complicated map. What player has to do is to find the most appropriate way to accomplish the task, whether using direct attacks such as remote sniping or arranging accidents.


    Hitman 2 is scheduled to be available on PC, Xbox One and PS4 on November 13 this year. All information about the game GameHub will update readers in the shortest time.​

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