Michael Rose, Head of Gaming Video, APAC at Meta (Facebook) Joins Acestarter as Advisor

Nguyễn Thu Trang
  1. The participation of Michael Rose promises to take AceStarter to the next level.

    2022 is an extremely promising year for the crypto space with the launch of countless potential projects and AceStarter is one of them. With its unique operating model called Hybrid Fairlaunch, AceStarter is drawing much attention from investors and the crypto community, including Head of Gaming Video, APAC at Meta (Facebook), Michael Rose.

    Michael Rose has now officially joined AceStarter as an advisor. Known as a gaming industry veteran with over 15 years experience working for top companies in the space such as Sony PlayStation, Bandai Namco, Google, Youtube, and of course Meta, he certainly adds tremendous value to AceStarter with his vision and expertise.

    In response to his support, AceStarter is also delighted to have Michael Rose, one of the famous names in the game industry to advise on its projects. His participation promises to lead AceStarter to a higher level.


    About AceStarter

    AceStarter is the global gateway for crypto investors to the best curated world-class blockchain projects. On the other hand, crypto startups are given a decentralized permissionless, and interoperable platform and environment to raise capital, propelling their projects to success.

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