My Tamagotchi Forever will be revived on Mobile

Vân Anh Lê
  1. My Tamagotchi Forever is mobile version of Tamagotchi game that used to attract a lot of people.

    8X or 9X generation must have remembered "Tamagotchi" - a small toy with dull screen made many children passionate twenty years ago. This is probably also the first game that parents started to deter children from not being addicted to game. And after so many years going behind, Tamagotchi has officially returned as an actual form of Game Mobile.


    With the name My Tamagotchi Forever, this game will accurately reconstitute what we have seen in the previous Tamagotchi. Of course, with the new technology, Tamagotchi will have a much more friendly color image than in the past... willing remind us the sweet memories of a distant past.


    About the game, My Tamagotchi Forever will bring you back to the style of the Tamagotchi in the past. You will have to take care of your pet ... from eating, bathing, playing to sleeping. However, the game will add new features, especially in the development and growth of Tamagotchi. Their appearance will change depending on the environment they live in, creating a personality for each player. Not only that, the game also has a town for you to visit and for Tamagotchi to make friends and experience a variety of activities.


    My Tamagotchi Forever is scheduled to be released on March 15th. As soon as the game is released, GameHub will update download link for readers. You can also visit the official game website for early registration:

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