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  1. PUBG Mobile Lite is a "simplified" version of PUBG Mobile, designed for gamers who own a low specification device.

    PUBG Mobile is ruling the game world with huge numbers of gamers. However, despite having a large community, PUBG Mobile has not been able to reach every corner of the virtual world because of its high requirements. That is why many players in PUBG Mobile Vietnam (Official) always consider to buy what smartphones to have the perfect Battle Royale experience.

    Seeing that, the PUBG Mobile development team has launched a special edition, allowing gamers whose low specification devices the opportunity to experience smoother gaming. Named PUBG Mobile Lite, this version is now available on Google Play.


    However, what is PUBG Mobile Lite different from the original PUBG Mobile? In terms of visuals and sound, the Lite version is exactly the same as the origin. There is no reduction in graphic and the quality of gameplay. PUBG Mobile Lite can be a great choice for you if you are passionate about the original version but your device cannot run the game smoothly.


    But to make the game lighter, the scale of the game will be lowered. Instead of 100 players per match, there will be only 40 and Map area will be smaller to help your smartphone not overloaded when loading to 64 square kilometers map.


    Of course, download PUBG Mobile Lite version or not is entirely up to you. You can still play the original version without any barriers. This is simply a way to help players to experience the game while they cannot afford to upgrade their smartphone. You can now download PUBG Mobile Lite here:​

    All information about PUBG and PUBG Mobile GameHub will update readers as soon as possible. Readers can also discuss with PUBG Mobile Vietnam community here:

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