PUBG Mobile Update 0.7 is available – Have look at the functions of new accessories

Vân Anh Lê
  1. PUBG Mobile has officially been updated to version 0.7, offered new SLR weapons and a new range of accessories.

    As expected, about a day after PUBG Mobile maintenance, server has officially been updated to version 0.7. With larger capacity and more new contents, it is easy to understand why gamers have to wait for update after a long time of maintenance period. Anyway, the new update has come, bringing a variety of new contents for gamers to experience.


    Of course, the main point of PUBG Mobile 0.7 is the new weapon and accessories. There, players can see DMR model named SLR, which is based on the real FN FAL. SLR has a good bullet speed and damage, which is suitable for catching moving targets. About the accessory, the gamer has new 3X and 6X Scope, which gives them more choices of target shooting.

    But perhaps the most interesting thing is Grip – The new "Handle" of PUBG Mobile. In version 0.7, players will get acquainted with 3 new Grips: Half Grip, Thumb Grip and Light Grip. Now GameHub will give readers detailed functions of each type of Grip.

    Half Grip


    • Reduce gun recoil.​

    • Speed up the recovery after recoil.​

    • Decreases the gun stability.​

    • Increases swing when shooting.​

    • Suitable for short shot on AR or SMG.​


    Light Grip


    • Speed up the recovery after recoil.​

    • Increased both horizontal and vertical swing.​

    • Suitable for one-by-one shot at a far distance. It will make the gun recoil and harder to control than when you did not use Grip in Auto mode.​

    Thumb Grip

    • Reduce vertical recoil but increase horizontal recoil.
    • Speed up the recovery after recoil.
    • Suitable for Auto mode on both AR and SMG at short and medium range.


    In addition to adding new guns and accessories, PUBG Mobile also offers War Mode on PC version. Players can enjoy non-stop firefights and return to the map immediately after death.

    All information related to PUBG and PUBG Mobile GameHub will update readers as soon as possible. Readers can also join PUBG / PUBG Mobile Vietnam community here:

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