Smart Staking – A Revolutionary Feature of Dark Land Survival

Nguyễn Thu Trang
  1. With this unique feature, non-crypto users will be provided with initial resources to experience Dark Land Survival first and then decide whether to invest in the game or not.

    2021 has seen a strong boom in crypto and blockchain, Play-to-Earn games thus became more popular and attracted a lot of attention from players and investors. However, the rapid development of blockchain also makes many people, especially traditional gamers, feel doubtful about the practicality of this technology. This is also the reason why NFT games are still facing many barriers. In addition, the imbalance between gameplay (“play”) and reward (“earn”) causes many difficulties for Play-to-Earn games.

    Fortunately, current NFT games are gradually finding ways to overcome these difficulties, and Dark Land Survival is not an exception. To solve these obstacles, Big Cat Studio has come up with 2 solutions:​

    • Developing a unique “Smart Staking” mechanism to attract more traditional players​

    • Launching many novel and unprecedented modes for the IDLE tower defense game built on blockchain.​


    So, what is Smart Staking? What makes this mechanism so special? Let's find out with GameHub right below!

    What is Smart Staking?

    Smart Staking is a unique feature inspired by the hit game Axie Infinity. With Smart Staking, investors or players with excess resources (NFT, token) can stake their assets into NFT/token pools. Developers will let traditional players “borrow” resources from these pools to play the game.

    All staking assets still belong to the original owner and when the number of assets rises to a certain threshold, only a part of which will be paid to traditional players who did not invest tokens in the game. At that time, non-crypto users can convert these rewards into Dark Land Survival tokens via the blockchain network and officially own them.

    Benefits of Smart Staking

    The ability to “borrow” assets through the Smart Staking feature will help traditional players see the true potential of the game before deciding to make any investments. With that mechanism, the biggest barriers of NFT games such as users having to own wallets and users having to put in initial capital will be significantly resolved.

    Moreover, the Dark Land Survival team believes that the combination of Smart Staking mechanism and the use of traditional marketing methods will help the game attract more players. This will help overcome the inherent barriers in doing marketing for NFT games because such games cannot be launched in stores and are difficult for users to access.

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