Stake $BIG and Register Testnet to Earn Attractive Rewards in Dark Land Survival

Nguyễn Thu Trang
  1. Staking $BIG and Testnet are on air with countless appealing rewards for participants!

    Dark Land Survival is a potential NFT project that combines both Tower Defense and RPG elements. The game allows players to buy and own unique NFT characters with a variety of skills to build squads and participate in unlimited survival battles.

    1. Staking $BIG

    Following a series of special events for its community, Dark Land Survival has officially opened Staking $BIG. Find more details on this event here:

    Benefits of Staking $BIG:

    $BIG-to-$BIG Pool:

    • Earn more $BIG while staking​

    • Have chance to join Dark Land Survival Elite Club​

    • Have greater opportunity to win Whitelist​

    Staking Pool:


    $BIG-to-NFT Pool:

    Besides Pool $BIG-to-$BIG, Dark Land Survival will also open a $BIG-to-NFT pool on April 15. While staking in this pool, players can:​

    • Buy NFT boxes at a more affordable price​

    • Receive rare NFTs in a safer way​

    • Get easier to own strong NFTs​

    Staking Pool: Link will be updated soon!


    How to stake $BIG:

    • Access Dark Land Survival’s DApps website (, then click on Pools > Select Details

    • Click Connect Wallet > Select Metamask > Confirm on your Metamask wallet​

    • Click Enable Pool > Confirm on your Metamask wallet​

    • Choose Stake, enter the amount of $BIG you want to stake, click Confirm > Confirm on your Metamask wallet​

    Register for Whitelist to buy NFT

    Dark Land Survival’s NFT sale event will be announced soon. Let’s register for Whitelist now to become one of the first owners of in-game NFTs. Keep in mind that there are only 20 slots for the luckiest participants.

    Register for Whitelist now:

    2. Register for Testnet


    In addition to the Staking event, Dark Land Survival has also opened Testnet with first looks at the gameplay.

    Benefits of joining Testnet:​

    • 20 NFT Heroes for participants have the best video review​

    • $500 for the 10 most active BUG hunters​

    What are you waiting for? Register to join now: Click Here.

    Update more news from Dark Land Survival here:

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