Swordsman X – How to reduce Ping for smooth gameplay

Vân Anh Lê
  1. Swordsman X - The new Battle Royale game having swashbuckling setting has been released and this is a necessary tool to reduce Ping to avoid lag.

    PUBG has influenced every corner of the virtual world and the modern military scene has inspired many Battle Royale titles, gamers gradually don’t care much about many new names. That's why the community “thirsts” for a new style, a combination between Battle Royale and the brand-new images.


    And the answer is Swordsman X - The first Battle Royale game combining swashbuckling factor and Chinese scene that has stolen many hearts of the fans of the virtual world. On the launch day, Swordsman X has attracted a lot of fans all over the world... including Vietnam.


    However Swordsman X still in Early Access on Steam and Server is being improved, the transmission speeds of the game is still unstable. High Ping value also has a great impact on the player’s experience. Luckily, GameHub has the solution to this problem with the extremely effective Ping reducing tool for Swordsman X gamers. To use this tool you can follow this guide:


    Step 1: Access this Website to download Ping reducing tool for Swordsman X:​

    Step 2: You follow the installation steps of Rainy Games Store in case you don’t know Chinese:​

    Once completing, you only need to activate the game and will recognize that Ping is significantly reduced when playing Swordsman X.

    If you do not have Swordsman X, you can buy a license key at the same price as a PUBG key on Steam website on your PC:​

    If you have any questions or just want to share your experience, you can join Swordsman X Vietnam community via Facebook Group:

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