The First Shark Tank For Nft Land In The Crypto World

Nguyễn Thu Trang
  1. The show was streamed on social media on 20th June, with the participation of leading experts in the Blockchain and Game-Fi industry.

    The special Shark Tank show of Heroes of the Land was streamed on social media on 20th June, with the participation of leading experts in the Blockchain and Game-Fi industry, which has attracted around 600 people to join their stream.


    Never before have we seen a pitch about a project as engaging and unique as what Heroes of the Land did. In the Shark Tank show, the team focuses on presenting NFT Land as well as discussing the Game-Fi market during the downtrend.

    Weather the storm of the downtrend Game-fi market

    In every Game-Fi, ROI, quick earning and fragile economy are the information the investors are concerned about most. Knowing those issues, Heroes of the Land focused on handling them since thay put the first brick on the project: they targeted to develop the long-life cycle game and bring not only crypto gamers but also traditional gamers. As a result, their game design and balancing economics can solve the Ponzi model in order to provide the finest financial answer to players.

    From the pitching session to professionals, who are from big VCs and Game Guilds, Heroes of the Land’s team must convince them to believe in the future of GameFi – that many new users think are going down to ash recently. But as Mr. Corey – Gamefi Advisor of Kyber Venture, also Co-founder of Pegaxy trusted that:
    “The Game-fi market currently is pretty scary yet exciting, the studios that focus on building great game design and fundamentals will be the ones that are able to survive the current market conditions and reap the rewards on the next upswing”.


    NFT Land: Refine the definition of NFT by their utility

    When the NFTs increase their value through many auctions and selling, people may wonder about their real value – are they really worth their price?

    With Heroes of the Land, they not only add a Land as an element to sell but also bring an ecosystem between their NFT Land. If you cannot own land, you just move around the World Map like a nomad, scaring of being attacked by other players.

    The model of real economics also divides the Land into different rarities, from “City center” – Legendary to “Near city” – Ultra Rare, then “Inner-city area” – Super Rare. The kind of “Suburban area” or Meadow will be unlocked later in-game.​


    “Like in actual life, the Lord – owner of the Land could possess their power and income by tax collection and recruiting forces to work on their Land. The Lord is a dominant one, a monarch who can decide what Land they want to be friends with or become an enemy.” CEO Nhan Nguyen shared.

    “NFT Land in Heroes of the Land will bring a new concept of earning to Game-fi”

    “NFT Land plays a role as a small town. From there, whether the players can reach the city or become a Kingdom with many alliances, depends on their strategy and ability. Gamers can perform as 3 characters at the same time: a monarch, a military, and a hard-working force, all on one Land. From June 27 to June 29, 2022 we will launch the 2nd INO. And who owns our NFT can join our Testnet on June 30.” – Ms. Anh Nguyen – Lead Marketing Heroes of the Land end the pitch.

    After the presentation, all the guests were so excited to become the Lord in the first place. Noticeably, Mr. Tien Vo from Mad Monkey Guild decided to invest in 100 NFT Land.​


    According to the information we received, Heroes of the Land will open 100 Land Boxes for sale so early investors can experience their initial Testnet. For now, they are receiving registrations for their private round:
    – Private round (apply for NFT Hero holders & whitelists): $100/ NFT Land Box
    – Public round: $125/ NFT Land Box
    Join the whitelist for a private round by applying this form.
    All information about the upcoming events will be published on Heroes of the Land’s official social media platform.

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