Without power, Top Superheroes can defeat the enemy

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  1. Let see the superheroes in DC and Marvel comics, without power, they are able to defeat the enemy...

    To mention superheroes is to think of supernatural power, as well as individuals with the power beyond human limitation. Superman, Hulk, Wonder Woman or Wolverine,… are just some examples that can defeat a force with ease. However, in the world of such weighty word “super”, there are legends that do not need power can still break the world. Yes, with that goal, you with GameHub point out which superhero does not need power but can makes the enemy scared as follows.



    Obviously, to start the list, that is none other than the Dark Knight, the Guardian of Gotham – Batman. With the pain of losing his parents, Bruce Wayne grew up with a mission to enforce the justice and protect the right by going on the journey to eradicate evils. But the thing that helped him overcome so many dangers was not mysterious power. All that Batman has are a great brain, an inordinate calculation, and a huge property always ready to actualize any plan that is nurtured inside the Batman mask.


    No one knows how many times Batman defeats both his enemies and allies. From Joker, Two-Faces, Bane,… to the Justice League, no one is out of his sight if he thinks they are against justice. Thus, throughout different storylines, when Superman turns his back on his justice and becomes a dictator, Batman himself, who has no power, is always chosen to face.
    Iron Man

    As a Marvel version of Bruce Wayne, Tony Stark was born with a huge property and utopian brain. Because of that, without super power, Tony can himself create a modern Iron Man armor with the power no less than that of the most renowned superheroes. Tony's alert nature is somewhat similar to Bruce Wayne's, as he created a multitude of different types of armor depending on the combat situation or the enemy he encountered. At its peak, the Nano version allowed Tony's skin to be merged with armor, which made him deploy weapons anywhere and whenever he wanted. In the movies and comics, the Hulkbuster armor image with the only aim of taking control of Hulk also shows the making capability and the unpredictable mind of this genius.


    The Punisher

    To mention the superheroes without power, we cannot dismiss "The Punisher" Frank Castle - a veteran who has served in the special force of the US military. Leave war behind, Frank returned to his family life and hoped to find peace in the fighting years. But the fate probably never let him down when Frank had to witness his wife and children die at the hands of the Mafia gangs, since they were witnesses of a gang fight. When knowing that the culprit will not be punished by law because of degraded police, Frank swore that he would slaughter anyone related to avenge for his family. Only with the skill of an experienced veteran soldier, Frank Castle who now has new nickname The Punisher has killed a lot of enemies. Even in some different versions when X-Men and the Avengers accidentally killed the Punishers in the war against aliens, he planned to slaughter all their members without a trace. Is is Hulk whose insane power is stunned by The Punisher. The Punished waited until Hulk is exhausted to return to human form then would finish off all.


    Green Arrow

    One of Batman's closest allies obviously it is Green Arrow, the radar-master who does not have superpower. Being a billionaire with huge fortune, but Oliver Queen began not as harsh as Batman did. While haunted by the death of his parents in a lion attack, Oliver grew up as a real playboy with his profligate parties. But all soon changed when the boat carrying him was in distress at sea, making Oliver to drift onto a deserted island. It is from that time, from a troublemaker, he began his journey to be a man, a hunter, a survivor and a skilled archer. It is on this island that Oliver successfully blocks a drug trafficking line a Chinese gang, which gradually leads him into a superhero that fights crime.


    As mentioned above, Green Arrow's skills are around the ability to control arrows and the latest technology, enabling him to make incredible shots. Despite being good at distant shot, Green Arrow is still a melee mage with thorough knowledge of Kickboxing, Karate, Judo and many other subjects. Despite being an expert in using bow, he is known as an outstanding gunman, was once praised by Deathstoke . In the story of The Dark Knight Returns, Green Arrow, meanwhile, is an old man who has amputated hand, can help Batman drive Superman up the wall with his Kryptonite arrow. He is also a member of the Outsiders, an organization set up by Batman himself to perform tasks that the Justice League cannot do because of political issues. All of these conditions turn Green Arrow into the greatest ally of Batman as well as one of the most prestigious superheroes whose no power in the DC world (to be continued).​

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