WooTechy SoundBot: The Best PUBG Voice Changer

Nguyễn Thu Trang
  1. WooTechy SoundBot is an advanced real-time voice changer that works flawlessly with PUBG. It’s easy to set up and intuitive.

    PUBG is a cultural phenomenon in its own right. From the actual gameplay to goofing around with your friends. There are tons of ways you can have fun in the game. And voice communication features can make things really fun.

    A very cool way you can use the voice chat feature is with a PUBG voice changer for a good laugh with friends and limitless entertainment.

    Can You Use a Voice Changer in PUBG?

    Yes, you can use a voice changer in PUBG. And it’s just as fun as you think it would be. You just need to select the right source for the audio input to the voice changer you want to use. The best part is you don’t need to do any advanced tweaking either.

    One of the reasons why PUBG is so popular is definitely because of its gameplay and social features. It allows you to team up as a four-man squad and survive till the end. Which as you might imagine, gives a lot of opportunities for players.

    They can play the game all seriously or even troll with their friends and have a great time. But one thing is for sure, talking with your team is a pretty important aspect of the gameplay. Voice communication is how you can execute your game strategies and more. But just talking with your friends, discussing strategies and joking is only a part of it. Things can get very silly and hilarious when you’re using a voice changer.

    You can use it to prank your friends, surprise them or if you just want to hide your identity from random teammates, this is an option too! It’s frankly quite the little trick to pull and can give you a ton of laughs while you do it. To make it convincing, you need high-quality voice changer software.

    WooTechy SoundBot is an advanced real-time voice changer that works flawlessly with PUBG. It’s easy to set up and intuitive. Apart from the intuitive UI, what makes SoundBot stand out is its feature set. You can pick from over 125 voice filters. Since it's all real-time you don't need to wait for any kind of processing. You can simply start talking like you would talk normally in the game and this PUBG voice changer will do its magic.

    You can even record yourself and choose from 400+ voice-changing sound effects for extra fun. And the quality is also fantastic. It processes your voice to make it sound high-quality. If you thought playing the game and talking to your friends is fun, wait till you add a voice changer to the mix. The possibilities become limitless. You and your friends can have a great time.


    How to Change Your Voice on PUBG

    Installing and setting up WooTechy SoundBot is pretty easy. And it supports free voices so you don’t have to pay anything to get started either.

    You don’t need to be any kind of tech genius to set it up either. Just follow these simple instructions and you’ll be all set.

    1. Download and install SoundBot

    Start by downloading and installing the software from the official site. It’s pretty much smooth sailing from there.

    Go to the WooTechy SoundBot site. Click to download the installer. Follow the on-screen instructions to install it​

    2. Choose the Correct Input and Output Device

    After you’ve installed the software, you need to set it up. You’ll need to select the right input and output device like your headphones. Selecting the right input is pretty easy thanks to the intuitive UI.

    Just choose your headphones as the output device from the drop-down menu and the microphone as the input device. You can play audio to test if you’ve selected the right one. There should be a pop-up that tells you that you’ve successfully selected the right one.


    3. Change Voice Settings on PUBG

    You're almost done. All there's left to do now is change the voice input settings in PUBG. Go to the sound settings and choose Voice Changer Virtual Audio Device (WDM) as the input option.

    4. Pick Any Voice You Want

    After you've connected your devices, you just need to choose which voice you want to use in the game. There are tons of options. You can pick and listen to pick exactly the one you like. There'll be something for everybody.

    Click and select the voice you want to test out. Speak into the mic to check the real-time voice-changing effect. Select the final one you like


    Wrapping Up

    The best thing about a PUBG voice changer like WooTechy SoundBot is that it’s versatile and easy to use. Installation and setup only take a few minutes. You can also use it in other different games like Valorant and Fortnite as well. Plus, the huge choices of voice filters make it very fun to mess around with.​

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