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The crowd roared and confetti cannons boomed on Saturday, July 28, as the Overwatch League, the world’s first global professional city-based esports league, completed its inaugural season with the Grand Finals at...​
Gameloft's success is due to the power of Modern Combat, Dungeon Hunter and, above all, Asphalt - the most recognized racing game on mobile platform at the moment. And now, after the...​
Mission Impossible Fallout - The latest movie of Mission Impossible series with the presence of actor Tom Cruise, has officially been premiered worldwide. And immediately the film has made a strong...​
If you are a game fan, you must know about Denuvo - the famous anti-piracy tech used by many game developers for many years. In the beginning, Devuno protected many titles for a long time, put harsh punishment on...​
This stage features some of the best Overwatch players from Europe and around the region, such as China, Sweden and host nation Thailand. These teams will be representing their countries and will be duking it out for the...​
Games are becoming more and more popular in Vietnam, gradually bringing the "copyrighted" gaming culture into the youth. This is due to the popularity of Steam - the most popular PC game platform at the...​
Shroud is still considered one of the most famous names in the PUBG community even after being involved in "Team Up" with hackers. Despite having received a 30-day penalty, Shroud continues to bring his...​
The release of God of War earlier this year has created a storm in the gaming world when it brings back the legendary image of Kratos. New plot, new mythology and above all is a new Kratos... all really...​
Featured on some of the Mechs in the set, Magnetic allows players to combine Mechs into massive mechanical monstrosities or play them as a standalone minion. ​ ...​
​ In addition, starting today new players can access all World of Warcraft content up through and including the Legion expansion simply by becoming a subscriber—no need to purchase the original World of...​
Last night, the world as well as Vietnam has watched the history final match World Cup 2018. The tenacity of Croatia has made the audience surprised, but still cannot beat the tactic and discipline of the French....​
PUBG with the release of Sanhok Map has created a new craze in Battle Royale community. Having smaller area than Erangel and Miramar, Sanhok gives gamers continuous gunfight phases and the true tense...​
A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity awaits the intrepid scientists, engineers, and . . . test subjects of Azeroth in The Boomsday Project™, the next expansion for Hearthstone®, Blizzard Entertainment’s smash-hit digital...​
For PUBG fans, Michael Grzesiek or known as "Shroud"... is quite popular. With the skill of a former CSGO professional gamer, Shroud has impressed others with his professional skills and great...​
Hack/Cheat in the game is inherently a problem and it directly influences the fairness in the game as well as the player's experience. That is why many countries have begun to consider Hack / Cheat as an offense, which...​